Does math scare you?

Apparently there is a study out from the University of Chicago that focuses on the brain’s responses of people who suffer from math anxiety.  According to study, math anxiety can actually cause pain!  Check out this article from UChicago and tell me what you think!


Does it make sense?!

As the first real math topic of this blog, it is only appropriate I start with the concept of math sense.  Ever look at your bill at a restaurant and know that your total is right, even though you didn’t memorize the exact cost of each item?  How about that time you were in math class and the answer you got after using the formula just didn’t look right?  That would be your number sense kicking in… and be glad you have it!

So many students just plug away and whatever answer they get must be right…  When I taught, I tried to instill in my students the need to check the answer.   A forgotten sign or incorrect step will result in a wrong answer, but there is no consequence to this, other than getting the answer wrong… it’s not like they are building a bridge or going to Mars … but we should teach them like they are!

If you are a teacher, I find anecdotes like the two here to be helpful in driving home my point to check you answers… and I would suggest as a teacher, to have your students check their answers as part of their work.  Maybe require it for the first quarter, by then it will become habit 😉

If you are a student, ALWAYS go back and check… it may mean the difference between an A and an A- today, but it could be a million dollar rocket explosion, or at least a bad tip at a restaurant, tomorrow!

Welcome to Math 4 Most!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!  Here at Math 4 Most you can peruse lots of math related topics.  As a certified math teacher for 7th – 12th grade in both PA and NY, I hope I know a little about the subject!  🙂

As I continue to grow this blog, I’m sure lots of interesting things will pop up, but for now I plan to post a few jokes/quotes and more importantly my take on math for the layman.  Remember, math is all around you, you might as well enjoy it!